The Jackson Family Tree

The Jackson Family on Family Day, May 14, 2009 (taken from Jermaine Jackson's book You Are Not Alone Michael: Through A Brother's Eyes).
Not in this picture are: Randy, Carol, Valencia, Sophia, Noah, and some of the children who weren't born yet then: Jordan (Jo Jo) Adren, Jared, Phoenix, Savanna, Summer, Jaylen, River, Rio, Eissa, Soltan, Bobbi, Scout and Skyy. 

Joseph Walter Jackson was born on 26 July 1928 (and died 27 June, 2018) in Fountain Hill, Arkansas, as the eldest of six children to Samuel Jackson and Crystal Lee King. His parents separated when he was 12. He moved with his father to Oakland, California, where he lived until after turning 18 when he moved to East Chicago, Indiana, to live near his mother. While there, he met his future wife Katherine. She was born on 4 May 1930 as Kattie B. Screws (Katherine Esther Scruse) in Barbour County, Alabama. Katherine was the daughter of Martha (née Upshaw) and Prince Albert Screws (born October 16, 1907 and died January 21, 1997). The family name was changed to 'Scruse" by her father when she was four years old. On 5 November 1949 Joseph and Katherine married. And they started the World's Most Popular Music Family and Pop Royalty.

1st generation 2nd generation  extended family 3rd generation
Maureen Reilette (Rebbie)
Born 29 May 1950
married in 1968 to Nathaniel Brown
Died 6 January 2013
Born 5 May 1971
married to
Rex Salas
      London Blue
Born 25 July 2005
  Yashi Kareen
Born 5 October 1977
Born 22 November 1985
Sigmund Esco (Jackie)
Born 4 May 1951
married in 1974 to
divorced in 1987
Enid Adren Spann
Born 27 June 1954
Died 20 December 1997
   married to  Emily Jackson   
Born 29 June 1977
     with unknown woman Jared Esco
Born 21 July 2011
     married to Toyia Parker
23 September 2017
Skyy Okhi Enid
Born 25 August 2018
Born 6 February 1982
  Jaylen Milan
Born 31 December 2013
  River T
Born 31 December 2013
Toriano Adaryll (Tito)
Born 15 October 1953
married 16 June 1972 to
divorced in 1989
Delores "Dee Dee" Martes
Born 1 April 1955
Died 27 August 1994
  Tariano Adaryll II (Taj)
Born 4 August 1973
married 16 June 2013 to
Thayana S.C.O.
      Taylor Aurora Sco
Born 21 November 2018
  Taryll Adren
Born 8 August 1975
in a relationship with
Breana Cabral
      Bryce Connor
Born 20 February 2008
      Adren Michael
Born 17 February 2011
  Tito Joe (TJ)
Born 16 July 1978
married 28 June 1998 to
Frances Casey
      Royal Tito Joseph
Born 23 October 1999
      Delores Dior (Dee Dee)
Born 20 March 2008
      Dallas Jordan Michael (Jo Jo)
Born 30 November 2010
      Rio Tito Joe
Born 10 March 2015 
Jermaine La Jaune
Born 11 December 1954
married in 1973 to
divorced in 1988
Hazel Gordy  
  Jermaine Jr. 
Born 27 January 1977
in a relationship with
Asa Soltan Rahmati
      Soltan Soul
Born 20 January 2017
  Autumn Joi
Born 16 June 1978
married to
Narinder Singh 
  Jaimy Jermaine 
Born 17 March 1987
  from 1986 till 1993
in a relationship with
Margaret Maldonado  
  Jeremy Maldonado
Born 26 December 1986
  Jourdynn Michael
Born 5 January 1989
 married to
Marike Le Roux
Born 29 November 2017
  married 18 March 1995 to
filed for divorce 15 November 2004
divorced in 2008
  Alejandra Patricia Loaiza    
  Donte William (adopted)
Born 13 June 1992
  Jaafar Jeremiah
Born 25 July 1996
  Jermajesty Jermaine
Born 7 October 2000
  married in 2009 to
file for divorced in 2016
Halima Rashid  
   since 2016 in a relationship with  Maday Velázquez Gutierrez  
La Toya Yvonne
Born 29 May 1956
married in 1989
 divorced in 2002
Jack Gordon  
Marlon David
Born 12 March 1957
(twin brother of Brandon)
married in 1975 to Carol Ann Parker  
Born 18 December 1976
married Chris Laniak
divorced in 2009
Born 18 August 2006
Born 12 November 2007
  Brittny Shauntee
Born 4 September 1978
married 11 August 2007 to
Robert Sanchez
Born 27 July 2010
      Savanna Bella
Born 2 September 2011
      Summer Blue
Born 27 August 2014
      Scout Brittny
Born 2 August 2018
  Marlon Jr.
Born 23 September 1981
Born 12 March 1957
Died within 24 hours after birth
(twin brother of Marlon)
Michael Joseph
Born 29 August 1958
Died 25 June 2009
married in 1994 to
divorced in 1996
Lisa Marie Presley  
  married in 1996 to
divorced in 1999
Debbie Rowe  
  Michael Joseph Jr. (Prince)
Born 13 February 1997
  Michael Katherine (Paris)
Born 3 April 1998
  from unidentified woman:    
  Michael Joseph Jr. II (Bigi)
Born 21February 2002
Steven Randall (Randy)
Born 29 October 1961
married in 1989 to
divorced in 1991
Eliza Shaffe  
Born 17 June 1990
  married in 1992 to
divorced in 1994
Alejandra Patricia Loaiza  
  Genevieve Katherine
Born 3 December 1989
  Randall Franchesco (Randy)
Born 2 October 1992
Janet Damita Jo
Born 16 May 1966
married in 1984 to
divorced in 1985
James DeBarge  
  married in 1991 to
divorced in 2000
René Elizondo  
  married in 2012 to
divorced in 2017 
Wissam Al Mana  
Born 3 January 2017

Many years ago God planted a special seed in the earth. The seed was put there to be cultivated, nourished and cared for very carefully. It began to germinate into a strong root and then a beautiful tree. Its roots were very busy feeding from the earth so that the tree would continue to grow very strong and proud on a solid foundation. As years went by, the tree began to sprout many branches. The branches were very strong individually and collectively and were always accompanied by hummingbirds, larks and other types of singing birds. Even though the branches were pointing in many different directions, they knew that if they stayed together the tree could weather any storms that were ahead. The tree was so beautiful to look at and everyone who saw it wanted to take a branch or two for their own satisfaction, but the root system always believed, “United we stand, divided we fall but together we can conquer all.” Today this tree is now planted in the minds of human beings all over the world. No matter how far the branches may grow in life, it all started from a seed that was planted at 2300 Jackson Street in Gary, Indiana. The root of the tree is Katherine and Joseph Jackson who gave the tree life, direction and a strong foundation so that the whole world could appreciate its beauty and what it stands for.

Jermaine Jackson, 1989
2300 Jackson Street album